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Die casting mold manufacturing

Die casting mold manufacturing

25 Year Engineer's Design Experience

Provide professional die-casting mold design and manufacturing solutions.

Die casting services

Die casting services

Monthly production capacity can reach 1 million pieces

Passed ISO9001 quality management system certification

Surface decoration

Surface decoration

Deburring, CNC finishing

Sandblasting, Spray Coating, UV Printing, Oxidation,Single-color Electroplating, Printing

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Supply Chain Manager


"With their strong technical prowess, they can effortlessly handle any complex die-casting requirements, giving us complete peace of mind."
Strong Technical ProwessCapable of Complex Die Casting
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United Arab Emirates


General Manager


"The quality of the aluminum alloy products is truly exceptional. The details are handled with great precision, meeting our high standards perfectly."
Fine WorkmanshipMeet High Standards
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United States Minor Outlying Islands


Purchasing Supervisor


"This company's technical team is outstanding. They are able to solve various challenges in the die-casting process perfectly, providing us with reliable technical support."
Reliable TechnologyExcellent Team
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United Kingdom


Purchasing Manager


"It's extremely important for us, a company with high demands on time, to be able to deliver on time or even ahead of schedule every time."
On-time deliveryCompleted In Advance

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